Security Council meeting 6210

Date29 October 2009
S-PV-6210 2009-10-29 12:00 29 October 2009 [[29 October]] [[2009]] /

Consideration of the draft report of the Security Council to the General Assembly

The meeting was called to order at 12 noon.

Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted.

Consideration of the draft report of the Security Council to the General Assembly

The President

The Security Council will now proceed to the consideration of its annual report to the General Assembly, for the period from 1 August 2008 to 31 July 2009.

Members of the Council have before them the draft report. The introduction to the draft report was prepared by the delegation of Uganda, as President of the Council in July 2009, with the participation of the other members of the Council. The body of the report was prepared by the Secretariat. I should like to express appreciation to Uganda and the Secretariat for their respective contributions.

I should like to point out that the draft report was prepared in accordance with the notes by the President of 19 July 2006 (S/2006/507) and 19 December 2007 (S/2007/749).

I now give the floor to the representative of Uganda in his capacity as head of the delegation responsible for drafting the introduction to this year’s annual report.

Mr. Rugunda (Uganda)

Uganda, as President of the Security Council for the month of July 2009, was responsible for the preparation of the introduction of the annual report of the Security Council to the General Assembly, as you stated, Sir, in your introductory remarks. In preparing the draft introduction, we relied mainly on the monthly assessments and views expressed by Council members. We were guided by the need to ensure that the report was concise, accurate and adequately reflected the Council’s work, activities and outcomes. The instances in which the Council was not able to take action are also reported.

The first draft was circulated at the beginning of August this year to all Security Council members and to the Secretariat for their comments and input. It was revised three times, incorporating the comments received.

The Council carried out extensive work during the reporting period, characterized by an increase in the holding of open debates and open briefings. The Council addressed a wide range of regional, thematic and general issues, as highlighted in the introduction.

The report covers the three Council missions to the field in Afghanistan, Haiti and Africa. The Security Council was regularly briefed and took appropriate actions on developments in conflict situations in Africa. The Council also focused on strengthening the strategic partnership between the United Nations and regional organizations, particularly the African Union.

The Council intensified its engagement on the situations in the Asian region, including Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste. The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, received the close of the Council, particularly with regard to the situation in the Gaza area in late 2008 and early 2009.

The Council also devoted close attention to the consideration of thematic, general and other issues, including peacekeeping, peacebuilding, mediation and the settlement of conflicts, non-proliferation, terrorism, the protection of civilians in armed conflict, children and armed conflict, and women and peace and security.

I wish to inform the Council that, following the precedent set by Viet Nam last year, an informal meeting with Member States to exchange views on the annual report is scheduled for 30 October. The President of the Council, the incoming President, Ambassador Mayr-Harting of Austria, and I will participate. We consider those interactions useful as part of the process of fostering a closer working relationship between the Security Council and the General Assembly.

Finally, I would like to express my delegation’s appreciation and gratitude to all Council members, as well as former members, for their contribution and cooperation. Last but not least, we thank and commend the Secretariat for their invaluable support and assistance.

The President

There are no further speakers on my list. It is my understanding that the Council is ready to proceed to the adoption of its annual report.

May I take it that the draft report is adopted by the Council?

There being no objection, it is so decided.

This decision will be reflected in a note by the President of the Security Council to be issued as document S/2009/559.

The Security Council has thus concluded its consideration of the item on its agenda.

As this may be, and hopefully is, the last Council meeting under the presidency of Viet Nam, I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of my colleagues in the Council, who have extended most valuable cooperation to my delegation. I also wish to thank the Council Secretariat team for its continued support throughout the month and all those in the Secretariat staff who have worked behind the scenes in supporting the work of the presidency.

The meeting rose at 12.10 p.m.
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