Security Council meeting 5977

Date22 September 2008
S-PV-5977 2008-09-22 13:05 22 September 2008 [[22 September]] [[2008]] /

The situation in Afghanistan

The meeting was called to order at 1.05 p.m.

Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted.

The situation in Afghanistan

The President

I should like to inform the Council that I have received a letter from the representative of Afghanistan, in which he requests to be invited to participate in the consideration of the item on the Council’s agenda. In conformity with the usual practice, I propose, with the consent of the Council, to invite that representative to participate in the consideration of the item, without the right to vote, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Charter and rule 37 of the Council’s provisional rules of procedure.

There being no objection, it is so decided.

At the invitation of the President, Mr. Tanin (Afghanistan) took a seat at the Council table.
The President

The Security Council will now begin its consideration of the item on its agenda. The Council is meeting in accordance with the understanding reached in its prior consultations.

Members of the Council have before them document S/2008/610, which contains the text of a draft resolution prepared in the course of the Council’s prior consultations.

I should like to draw attention to documents S/2008/597 and S/2008/603, containing respectively the texts of two letters dated 9 September 2008 and 12 September 2008 from the Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council.

It is my understanding that the Council is ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before it. Unless I hear any objection, I shall now put the draft resolution to the vote.

There being no objection, it is so decided.

favour against
abstain absent

favour=15 against=0 abstain=0 absent=0

Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Indonesia, Italy, Libya, Panama, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Viet Nam

The President

There were 15 votes in favour. The draft resolution has been adopted unanimously as resolution 1833 (2008).

I now give the floor to those members of the Council who wish to make statements following the voting.

Mr. Dabbashi (Libya)

My delegation voted in favour of the resolution that has just been adopted. We wish to reaffirm our full support for the Government and the people of Afghanistan in their efforts to bring peace and security to their country. We hope that the adoption of this resolution will assist them in achieving that goal.

However, my country would like to express its concern at the rising number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan as a result of operations carried out by the multinational forces. In that regard, we wish to reiterate that combating terrorism in no way justifies the killing of civilians. During their operations, the multinational forces must make every effort to ensure that Afghan civilians are adequately protected and that the human rights of the Afghan people are protected and guaranteed. Those arrested must be given fair trials and must be held in conditions that are in accordance with international humanitarian law and human rights principles.

The use of force alone cannot achieve peace and security in Afghanistan, which requires a comprehensive dialogue aimed at national reconciliation among all factions of the Afghan people without exception.

The President

There are no further speakers on my list. The Security Council has thus concluded the present stage of its consideration of the item on its agenda.

The meeting rose at 1.10 p.m.
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