Security Council meeting 3587

Date12 October 1995
S-PV-3587 1995-10-12 18:05 12 October 1995 [[12 October]] [[1995]] /

The situation in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The meeting was called to order at 6.05 p.m.

Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted.

The situation in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The President

I should like to inform the Council that I have received a letter from the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which he requests to be invited to participate in the discussion of the item on the Council’s agenda. In conformity with the usual practice, I propose, with the consent of the Council, to invite that representative to participate in the discussion without the right to vote, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Charter and rule 37 of the Council’s provisional rules of procedure.

There being no objection, it is so decided.

At the invitation of the President, Mr. Misic’ (Bosnia and Herzegovina) took a place at the Council table.
The President

The Security Council will now begin its consideration of the item on its agenda.

The Security Council is meeting in accordance with the understanding reached in its prior consultations.

Following consultations among members of the Security Council, I have been authorized to make the following statement on behalf of the Council:

“The Security Council welcomes the entry into force of the cease-fire agreement between the Bosnian parties of 5 October 1995. The Security Council takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to all those who negotiated the cease-fire agreement, and to the United Nations Protection Force and others who, often at risk to their own lives, have made possible, with the cooperation of all the parties, the restoration of gas and electricity supplies to the inhabitants of Sarajevo enabling them to live in more decent conditions.

“The Security Council demands that all parties fully comply with the provisions of the cease-fire agreement and refrain from any military activity that could jeopardize the peace process. It expresses its deepest concern at any operation that provokes large-scale movements of population detrimental to the peace process and a final and fair settlement. The Council is particularly concerned about new reports related to the movements of the displaced population in the areas of Sanski Most and Mrkonjic Grad.

“The Security Council reiterates its strong condemnation of all practices of ethnic cleansing wherever they occur and by whomsoever committed. It demands their immediate cessation and underlines the need to alleviate the sufferings caused by these acts. The Council urges all Bosnian parties to respect fully the rights of all communities including their right to remain where they are or to return to their homes in safety.

“The Security Council is in particular deeply concerned about new reports concerning acts of ethnic cleansing committed in the Banja Luka and Prijedor areas, especially about reports, including those by international humanitarian organizations, that non-Serb men and boys of draft age are being taken away by Bosnian Serb and other paramilitary forces. The Council demands that these persons be immediately released.

“The Security Council demands that the Bosnian Serb party grants immediate and unimpeded access for United Nations personnel and the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross to all the areas of concern. It also demands that ICRC representatives be allowed to visit and register any persons detained against their will. The Council reiterates in this context the demands set out in resolution 1010 (1995) and in the statement of its President of 7 September 1995 on Srebrenica and Zepa.

“The Security Council reaffirms that those who have committed or have ordered the commission of violations of international humanitarian law will be held individually responsible for them. The Council recalls in this context the establishment of the International Tribunal pursuant to its resolution 827 (1993) and reiterates that all States shall cooperate fully with the Tribunal and its organs.

“The Security Council will remain actively seized of the matter.”

This statement will be issued as a document of the Security Council under the symbol S/PRST/1995/52.

The Security Council has thus concluded the present stage of its consideration of the item on the agenda.

The Security Council will remain seized of the matter.

The meeting rose at 6.15 p.m.
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