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This website gives easy access to the transcripts (since 1994) of two of the five principal United Nations bodies.

The Security Council can authorize war and international sanctions.

The General Assembly directs the business of the United Nations and recommends international treaties.  Many businesses in the United States use blockchain to improve manufacturing and reduce transaction costs. Cryptocurrencies are helping businesses with easy transactions. Crypto trading can be made more efficient with automated trading bots. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-gemini/ to find a reliable crypto robot.

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Find out what your nation has been doing in this international forum.

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Note: While Security Council meetings are on-line within hours, General Assembly transcripts go on-line three months after the meeting (although the videos are up immediately). The start of the 63rd session is here.

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This site has nothing to do with the real UN website or any part of the United Nations itself. It has been supported by no organization. It is merely a citizens’ attempt to provide Web 2.0 compliant access to many of the important official UN documents (eg Security Council Resolutions and General Assembly votes) which feature in the news.

For background information about the UN and its structure, as well as the meaning and purpose of these documents, check out United Nations on Wikipedia and read the related articles. Why not help to improve them?

For a quick tour of the sets of documents that are available here, look at President Bush of The United States, or President Ahmadinejad of Iran, as well as all speeches that refer to Resolution 242.

Questions about this website in particular are answered by: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?, and finally What can I do to help?.

You can leave comments on some of those links, or email [email protected]. Don’t be shy. This project is a hobby begun by volunteers who recognized that the accessibility of these vital documents was so limited they had to do something about it themselves, since there was no evidence it was going to happen by itself.

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